Beaches around Datça

Beaches near the city

Datça itself has 2 sandy beaches: the Taşlık Plaj and the Kumluk Plaj. The Taşlık Plaj lies directly next to the Datça habour (4-5 minutes walking distance from the hotel). A flat sandy beach is inviting you for a refreshing swim in the blue sea. Direct next to this beach you can find a fresh water lake. İts characterisitc is the light sulfur-containing and the 31˚C thermal water quality. The Kumluk Plaj is attached to the north side of Datça. You can reach it by walking along the habour promenade.

Kargı Bay

The Kargı Beach is located appr. 1 km south of the center of Datça. The crystal-clear water invites for swimming and snorkeling. İn the spacious valley you can find a freshwater spring from where Datça was supplied with drinking water in former times. A small pond next to beach is the domicile of several turtles and frogs. Several small restaurants offer their service for a relaxing stay at the beach.

Hayıt Bükü and Ova Bükü / Mesudiye

İn Mesudiye you find 2 wonderful beaches: Hayıt Bükü and Ova Bükü. Both are seperated from a small rocky peninsula. Hayıt Bükü has a sandy beach with wonderful palm trees, Ova Bükü is a long streched natural sandy beach. Both beaches are lined up with several small turkish restaurants at the promenade. (distance: 15 km from Datça)


The beach of Palamutbükü lies on the Datça peninsula appr. 20 km away from the Datça center. İt is a long streched pebbled beach with a well-kept promenade. Under some nice trees which are lined-up along the beach you can enjoy the typical Turkish hospitality with traditional drinks and food.

Özil and Perili Köşk

The beaches Özil and Perili Köşk are situated appr. 18 km outside of Datça on the way to Marmaris. You can reach this sandy beach aswell as all the other beaches with local transportation (dolmuş).

A paradies for surfer and sailor

Datça is dominated by a mediterranean climate with mild, rainy-sunny winters and hot, but dry summers (with high oxygen). A permanent refreshing breeze is ideal for surfer and sailors!
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The turkish travel guide "The Little Hotel Book" (authors: Müjde ve Mutlu Tönbekici) in their newest edition:

Abright, unpretentious, impeccably outfitted and comfortable small hotel which deserves to be called the best in the town of Datça itself. The young Turkish-German family blends the instinctive friendliness of one with the dedication and savoir faire of the other. The hotel is set on a hilltop with a glorious sea view, a 5 min. walk from the beach and the harbour.

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